Kybun People - «Pain-free walking thanks to kybun shoes»


After a number of failed attempts at using orthopaedic shoes, Cornelia Heizmann has found the ideal solution for pain-free walking and hiking with the kybun shoe.


«I have been a polyarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism patient for many years and have had quite a few attempts with orthopedically converted shoes and insoles that never quite fit properly, despite repeated modifications. Walking for any length of time caused me severe pain. As a dog owner and passionate hiker, I depend on being able to walk effectively.

A colleague of mine first introduced me to the kybun shoe. Since then, I have been enjoying my dog walking without pain. At one point, I had to go back to orthopaedic shoes because I also had a hallux and a hammertoe. Very quickly I started to experience pain in the affected foot, knee issues and lower back problems. I immediately switched back to the kybun shoe and now I can walk pain-free again.

Longer hikes are also possible and that includes walking downhill!»

Dog walking with kybun   kybun trial shoes