kybun Christmas campaign 2020: Donating shoes around the world


With our donation of shoes this year, kybun and the KM Foundation are making an important contribution to alleviating the plight of people in Switzerland, Moldavia and South Sudan.


In cooperation with 'Licht im Osten' (Light in the East), Streetworkers and AVC Switzerland and with the help of the KM Foundation, founded by Karl Müller, kybun is donating over 2,000 pairs of kybun shoes to people in need in Moldavia, Switzerland and South Sudan. The shoes will find many grateful recipients in need thanks to these three humanitarian organizations. Learn more about the three humanitarian organizations, which are bringing joy to the hearts of many people through the donation of shoes:



Licht im Osten (Light in the East):

The Swiss relief and mission organization celebrates its 100th birthday this year. The anniversary year is a year of joy, celebration and gratitude. Light in the East is committed to helping people in material, medical and spiritual need among the populations of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. The vision of its founding fathers still rings true today: «We want to carry light in word and deed with local partners to the places of greatest poverty, oppression and obscurity.»


The project «Street workers» is a cross-regional project in Swiss cities to connect severely addicted and emotionally destroyed teenagers and young adults with the love of Jesus Christ and to show them the way to a meaningful and drug-free life with assistance and support.

AVC Schweiz:

AVC stands for «Action for persecuted Christians and those in need». They invest in people and work in cooperation with local partners in a competent, trustworthy and forward-looking way in around 60 countries on four continents. South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Underdevelopment as a result of decades of war, seasonal flooding, droughts, famine and disease epidemics have left the traumatized population with little hope.