Swiss values for your health


On 1 August, Switzerland celebrates its National Day. In the small landlocked country, quality and innovation are known to be particularly important.


As a Swiss company, kybun is also guided only by the highest standards:


Health innovation

The kybun shoe, specially developed by Karl Müller, reflects Switzerland's leading innovative strength, precision and quality. Our kybun products make it possible to bring the feeling of well-being and the effect of the elastic, springy natural ground into the everyday life of civilised people.


Highest quality

The production of kybun shoes is handcrafted with great care and, thanks to the experience of our employees in Sennwald, with the greatest skill and know-how. If leather is used for the upper shoe, we only purchase it from suppliers who comply with the current requirements for the protection of people and the environment.


Production in Switzerland

In Sennwald SG, the Swiss air-cushion shoe is produced in up to 40 steps with a lot of manual work. Discover a wide range of information and interactive stations about healthy walking and standing on a tour of the kybun World health park .


Internationality and cosmopolitanism

With distribution partners in over 30 countries worldwide, the kybun shoe is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists and worn by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.


Here you can find more information about the kybun shoe:

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